Using AI Vision with edge computing (AEC) to prepare your AI transformation.

Find the hidden gems, take your enterprise to the next level by getting started with AI data collection with Atomrock AEC.

Edge Computing with Atomrock

Prepare data for your Machine Learning

Enterprise is building AI to power the next wave of digital transformation. Customers use ML to improve customer experience, enhance quality detection, increase productivities, and create the compatibility edge.

AI-Enabled Edge Computing

Atomrock Edge Computing (AEC) system offers small to large computer vision AI processing capability at the edge. Build on the Atomrock architecture, allow AI algorithm to adopt different customer’s size and request.

Smart Motion

I need to compare the activity pattern in different stores by time.

Skip the unwanted information and review the day’s events, compare motion charts to know the activities in different areas.

Object Search

Who took the jacket I left on the chair? Did someone steal my pie?

The useful tool to spot object changes in seconds


When and how long my customers queue up waiting for service?

Which lane has the most traffic jam for how long?

Advance pattern tracking algorithm for detail in-frame analysis by the seconds.

Facial Search

Alert me immediately when unauthorized visitor is spotted in a high secured restricted area.

Real-time facial search with matching database.

Photo Match

We have 5 suspects on file and need to search footages for similar match in all the security footages in the mall access area!

Use photo to look someone from weeks of video from thousands of cameras.

Cleanliness Scoring

Is the kitchen floor, storage area, and countertop cleaned daily before closing amount all my restaurants? A weekly report with evidence will save me a lot of time!

Self-learning computer AI scores the irregular part of the area frequently.

Occupancy Status

How many tables left unseated in cafeteria A? Is parking spot 235 occupied?

Object identify AI that keep track of each seating, parking spot, or other type of object status.

Perimeter Security

Send me an alert if a person is crossing the security fence or marked area; show me the direction where the intruders went.

Extensive body behavior analysis for fences and area protection.

Moving Direction

This is one-way exit only walkway. There should be no stop, grouping, or return allowed. Violation should be alarmed immediately.

Extensive body analysis for behavior pattern alarming.

COVID Risk Assessment

Prevention and Control of COVID.

Quick and clear chart display, quick understanding of the situation and risk assessment

Thermometer AI

Manual detection Long check time per person.Mis-reading on the screening devices.Within 2 feet of hundreds of unknown person.Putting your employee in danger.

No touch distancing and quick temperature sensing.fully automatic without human interaction.