The heart of AI ecosystem in your cloud infrastructure.

Accumulates the AI big data via AEC’s AIOT connectivity; builds tomorrow’s competitive edge


Manages AI in each AEC, role-based management for each company, host different AI features in your cloud.


Start with a few AI/BI services and expand to hundreds without change the infrastructure or AEC.


The OS built for AIOT Edge Computing


Connected and managed automatically via AtomCloud


Hundreds of AI methods on AEC to enable AIOT


Customize business intelligence makes customer opens the core to you


Hook into IOT data collectors to accumulates business intelligence data


Link back to AtomCloud via different methods: LTE/4G, 5G, WiFi, Ethernet, Cable or Fiber.


AtomOS runs on multiple hardware platforms that adopt overtime

Smart Architecture

Enterprise-level scalability and central management from one to multi-site globally is very important for AIOT edge computing and AI cloud platform. The innovation that transforms IOT and heavy load video/audio traffic to active AIOT response and AI data collection to bring the best ROI result with business intelligence assist.

Atomrock Edge Computer

Design to ease AIOT implementations – manages IOT devices and provide first layers of AI to video, audio and collect data. Providing mobile backhaul via 4G/LTE and ready for 5G. All linked to the AtomCloud platform.

Video Analyzer

Atomrock Video Analyzer (VA) uses AI to look at selected streams and provide different smart functions like facial feature analysis, facial detection and search, smart parking and more. It can send real-time alarm to users and generate customized daily, weekly or monthly reports.​

Auto Recovery

In the event of cloud connection loss, system will hold the information within its local storage and resent to cloud when the connection is restored.


AIOT at local and spread globally while you control it centrally. View the real-time reaction of video/audio/IOT anywhere

Local Monitoring and Storage

NVR works with any TV with direct HDMI connection and can be placed in any location on your IP network. Local recording work flawlessly with cloud to ensure real-time data redundancy off-site.

Distributed Small Sites

Spot deployment

For spot deployment with small amount of IOT/video/audio data source at each location, Atomrock IOT extension can work with flow direct and link data directly to cloud without local data storages.

Pay-as-you-go Subscription

Change CapEx to OpEx. Cloud management keeps the software up-to-date and maintenance free.

Deployment with Atomrock Enterprise Platform

Central Management

Real-time global management view from the cloud service. Assign permissions to individuals to view, setup and manage every device at each level.​​

Business Intelligent and API

Analyze object, traffic patterns, frequency, time, and map coordinate. Can be provided via API, and create reports to assist business decision making.


Same features from single small site, to hundreds of large sites. AIOT and Atomrock Edge Computing devices can be centrally located or distributed as your network desires.

Flexible recording quality and duration​

Users can select the cloud recording quality and duration on different cameras. Expand sites with separate configuration profiles.

Stable and Secure Surveillance

Strong Security

Atomrock system uses different unique encrypted password for every device in the system. Encrypted data in the cloud and inside devices to prevent attacks.

99.99+% Uptime Cloud System

Hardware failure or system loss no longer cause trouble! Streams stores in both local redundant drive and cloud real-time to prevent local data loss and save expensive redundancy hardware cost.

Role-based Access Control

Manage users and groups based on location, business units, organizational structures with permissions of managing or operating devices.​

Real-time Notification

Connection failure, system error or network status change will alert user actively. Events monitoring can be customized and triggered to send notification to assigned individuals.