All around the world countries are developing vaccination proof in order to adopt to the “New Normal”life-style. A technology that can rapidly process the need and protect person privacy at the same time is a must.

Atomrock launched VA110 AIOT temperature sensor few months after the pandemic; and now adding the Smart Health Card (SHC, as known as Vaccine Passport) QR code reading and validation capability. The result can quickly displayed and announced on the device, and link to AtomCloud for central management and record search.

Atomrock Vaccination Certificate Solution

VA110 can voice prompt to display the QR code and confirm the vaccine status required, without disclose or display personal information. Protect user’s privacy and ensure the user’s health status at the same time

System records user’s vaccine type, number and date. In combination temperature result which is recorded and can be searched later. Connection to AtomCloud can further provide automated contactless central management.