Atomrock Audio Transcribe feature combines advanced natural language processing and speech recognition AI technology. It converts speech to text, generates subtitle timelines, highlight/coloring texts, and can use GPT model to process the result.

Speech-to-text function

Speech-to-text function is an AI technology that converts voice signals into text through machine learning algorithms to identify speaking languages. Using this technology, users can convert video and audio files such as meeting minutes, conversations, and lecture recordings into text for easy viewing and editing.

Audio AI text marking

By creating custom labels in Audio AI text profile, it can mark the text with highlight or different font style. The feature helps users identify important information or specific keywords more quickly. This feature reduces time used in viewing long documents.

Generate subtitle

Audio Transcribe automatically marks time to the transcribed text and generates the subtitle according to the video and audio stream. The subtitle file can later be downloaded and edited. This improves the efficiency and quality of subtitling, saving human transcriber’s time and effort.

GPT processing

Integrating GPT natural language model to make text more fluent or provide summarization to improve user experience and readability. GPT is a pre-trained transformer language model that provides contextual understanding for the generated text, thereby creating more reasonable and coherent language content. This technology is widely used in AI customer service, machine translation, intelligent writing, and other fields to provide users with a more intelligent and natural language interaction experience.